Something to learn


dalam hidup ni kita takkan pernah lari dengan perasaan ingin disayangi.
tak cumalah dengan family, kawan2, si dia tercinta.
apabila mereka memberi sesuatu yang kita namakan cinta atau sayang,
hidup kita terasa lebih bermakna. ceria. indah.

i was talking with my primary school friend today.
since she’s just got married, i’ve asked her what’s the
most important thing that can last the relationship like her.
with a smile, she said it’s how you handle the situation and act professionally
in any problem.
if there’s a problem, don’t judge. Instead ask him to explain first n from there
u can know weather he’s telling the truth or not.
and most importantly, trust each other.
if you don’t trust, it means you’re not serious enough with him.
but don’t over trust coz u might not know what will happen in the future.

years of relationship doesn’t mean he’s yours.
kalau dia mmg tersurat jodoh kita, maka ia akan bersama kita eventually.
jika dia bukan jodoh kita, teruskan hidup alias move on.

for me, jika si dia kini hadir dalam hidup anda, bercintalah.
prinsip sy mudah dlm bercinta :
trust. loyal. making everyday seems beautiful.
my lil’ sis once asked me how live with my husband learning everyday with someone new.

loving someone is actually a learning process.
it’s how we get to know people deeply.
dahulu sy slalu rasa semua org akhirnya adalah sama.
tapi sy salah nampaknya.
different people have different principles, n that
makes them different in the end.
mungkin kita dan pasangan tidak sama dari banyak segi.
tapi semuanya adalah pelakon dalam hubungan dua arah.
u get to know something new, as well as him.
fair enough lah kan? 🙂

i hear a lot of stories nowadays yg pasangan tak setia,
membosankan, byk skandal, etc.
hmm. it hurts me somehow. walaupun tak ada urusannya dengan aku, hah.
to me, biarlah. itu kisah mereka.
tak rugi pun kalau kita setia, berusaha utk mengkekalkan hubungan,
berusaha utk memupuk bunga2 cinta.
as long as he does the same.
sama2 kita bimbing pasangan masing2, kalau kita benar2 serius, bersikap terbukalah.
dan bersedia mendengar masalah pasangan kita.
sometimes we have to know how it feels to be in our
spouse problem b4 we start fighting n blaming him.
get to know him.
he’ll love u more than u could imagine :’) 

and ya, terimalah kebaikan dan keburukan pasangan masing2.
if you can’t, cao cepat2.
Makanya, terimalah si dia seadanya. hey, even u’re not perfect.
so why u keep on blaming others? 🙂

this is just a random thought of mine.
n thanks to iffa, my dearest friend for giving me inspiration 🙂


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